Oak Barn Sizes

Please hover over the text below to bring up a section drawing of each barn.

You will notice that our upper floored barns have no central post which is something that our competitors do not offer - this is great for saving your car doors from dents! Our section drawings show the height beneath the unsupported central tie-beam but all exterior beams will be 2100mm beneath.

Don't forget you can further increase the depth of our oak framed garages by adding an integral rear aisle or log store. These are a standard depth of 1400mm and will not affect the ridge height of the building.

A-Frame - 4000mm Deep

A-Frame with integral rear aisle - 5400mm Deep

B-Frame - 5400mm Deep

C-Frame - 6000mm Deep

B-Frame with upper floor - 5400mm Deep

C-Frame with upper floor - 6000mm Deep

Our bay widths are standard at 2775mm between posts, regardless of the depth of the barn. Again, we offer a side-aisle or open log store option to increase the width of our oak barns.

1 Bay - 3075mm Wide

2 Bay - 6000mm Wide

3 Bay - 8925mm Wide

4 Bay - 11850mm Wide